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Guaranteed Rent Management Service

You pay us a one-off £88 Guaranteed Rent Management Fee. We effectively become your tenant after agreeing a rent with you, this in return is guaranteeing you a fixed rental income even if the property is empty or the tenant decides to stop paying. As we are the tenant that will guarantee you your monthly rent, we then sub-let the property, by vetting the right tenants we can trust will take care of the AST (Assured Short-hold Tenancy) or Non-Assured Tenancy agreement. If they stop paying, decide to leave without notice, damage the property or force us to take an eviction order to remove them, we will take the financial burden – not you.

A minimum of 12 months is all we ask for in the beginning and the option to have a maximum 5 year contract with the flexibility of renewing contracts on a rolling basis.

We sign an agreement with you to manage your property for a specific period of time. In return, we will guarantee you a set monthly rental income and even though your overall monthly rent is slightly lower than the actual market value, but given the risks involved as a landlord, from non-payment of rent to other costs associated with difficult tenants including eviction, you will end up saving yourself thousands of pounds should any negative situation arise due to the tenant..

















Guaranteed Rent Service

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