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A property is reserved for a maximum of 14 days by paying a ‘Holding Deposit’ to rent a particular property on a set move in date, subject to contract, passing ‘Right to Rent’ check and the receipt of suitable references. The amount equivalent to 1 weeks rent is taken from the tenant(s) wishing to move into the property. A property will only be reserved once the Holding Deposit paid to FLK Lettings is received in cleared funds. NB. We can only accept payment of Holding Deposit from the prospective tenant only, where there are more than one prospective tenant, we can only accept payment from one of the tenants.

Holding Deposit


Each application must be submitted with every potential tenant completing the relevant application forms in full.  In certain circumstances, where referencing results in a borderline decision or potential tenant is not on Electoral Roll or not in Full-Time Employment for at least 6 months e.g. DSS/Benefit/Unemployed/Full-time Student or SelfEmployed/ contracted for less than 3years) the Credit Referencing Agency will attach the condition that a Guarantor is needed to be in place.  

In the case of overseas applicant, where an applicant has not been in the UK for a suitable period of time(less than 3 years). All overseas students are required to have a guarantor.

Important to Note!

Initial and Application Referencing

Move in Monies

You must ensure FLK Lettings are in receipt of the balance of any monies outstanding on your invoice(s), in cleared funds, prior to the signing of contracts, unless advised otherwise by FLK Lettings. Rent thereafter is to be paid to FLK Lettings by way of a monthly standing order, completed at the time of signing contracts.  If rent is paid by means other than a standing order or is paid late, an default charge of £8.00 for failure to pay other than by standing order and £4.00 per day late payment will be levied. NB. Applicable to Non-Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, where a property is not used a tenant(s) only or main home.  FLK Lettings do not take a Deposit for properties.



Check-in And Check-out

On the day of check-in,   unless advised otherwise, you will meet our consultant at the property, where Tenancy Documents & Inventory will be checked and signed, utility Meter Readings(Gas,electric & Water) taken and keys provided to you.  FLK Lettings will notify the utility companies and Council Tax office(where applicable) that you are the legal occupier of the said property and responsible for the supply/services at the property from the commencement date of your tenancy.  We will supply a confirmation of contact details and general advise for these companies in a Welcome Letter, within 2 days of your move in via email, along with copies of signed Tenancy Documents. Where the property has or permission has been granted to install Cable, Satellite and/or Telephone services. You will need to contact the relevant service provider to activate these services. Tenant(s) also are responsible for obtaining  a TV licence at the property.

Upon vacating the property, you will be required to hand over the keys to our consultant at the property on the day of  departure and prior to 17.00 (Tue-Fri) or 13.00 (Sat)(the check out or check in cannot occur on a Monday or Sunday).  A default charge of £99.00 will be levied for missed appointments where you have asked to be present and do not attend and for late cancellation of scheduled appointments where less than 48 hours has been given. NB. Applicable to Non-Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, where a property is not used a tenant(s) only or main home.

Failure to return all keys to our consultant on day of departure will result in a charge of £50 for the replacement of a single Key and £150 per Lock, where a number of keys are not returned or there is a security implication resulting in all associated locks and all keys having to be replaced. NOTE : Check-in and Check-out  can be arranged at the following times, depending on appointment availability : Tuesday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00 and Saturday  11:00 – 13:00. Notes on Inspections on Managed Properties.  


Other Things of Importance

Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, (unless specified as otherwise under Special Conditions within the Tenancy Agreement), the tenant must register and pay all Council Tax levied.

Where Property is Managed by FLK Lettings. A Holding Deposit equivalent to 1 weeks rent is payable by each tenant, 2 months, prior to the termination of a existing tenancy, together with written confirmation that they wish to renew the tenancy. The Holding Deposit will be deducted from the monies due before you move in. The Holding Deposit will be deemed non-refundable in the following circumstances: (i)where an applicant fails ‘Right to Rent’ checks (ii)You decide not to proceed with the tenancy, i.e. you have a change of mind.


You will be expected to sign the inventory prepared by FLK Lettings, when the clerk checks you into the property. Failure to sign the inventory will result in the tenancy not proceeding and the lose of your holding deposit.

Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement (unless specified as otherwise under Special Conditions within the Tenancy Agreement), the tenant must transfer the account into their name the water utility bills.

Council Tax

Tenancy Renewal


Water Utility Charges


As part of the Immigration Act 2014, the Government is making it a requirement from 1st February 2016, for landlords and their Agents to check the immigration status of prospective tenants. This means that Applicant(s) need to prove their right to live in the UK.  All Applicant(s) excluding their guarantor(s), must supply documentation from the list below, to prove their right to rent a property in the United Kingdom.  Applicant(s) who are unable to provide documentation from the list , will be unable to rent the property.  Under this legislation we are required to refer details of applicant(s) unable to supply this information to the Home Office.  


Right to Rent

Important to Note!

Important to Note!


Every prospective tenant must complete and return a registration form. Without the completion of a registration form, FLK Lettings will not be able arrange viewings or properties.